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Alan C. Smith is a Bermudian visual artist, writer, performer and theatre director.  Thework that he creates often has autobiographical origins but with fantastical elements.  His visual art is usually manipulated digital photography and much of it to date has been portraiture and self-portraiture featuring atypically rendered Bermudiana.  He also produces animated digital video shorts using stills, text, music, video, song and spoken word.  Inspiration comes from his island home, cartoons, comic books, biblical stories and mythology.  Some images contain text from poetry that he has written.  Increasingly he creates projects that involve images, poetry and performance.  His latest tribe series of still images is the only one that has not been created in conjunction with a series of poems.  These are manipulated photographs of a single model and are inspired by vintage photographs of African warriors that he viewed on Pinterest.  Images of centipedes are used to create the masks, headdresses and scant vestiges of clothing.

He has also written interviews, articles and theatre and dance reviews for a number of local publications.

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